Can you play background music before and after your sets as we don’t have a DJ?

I have hundreds of songs carefully selected in playlists to suit. After my set i can keep the party going but please note i can’t go on forever!!

We are thinking about having welcome drinks outside after our wedding ceremony. 

Thats fine, but please have a plan for wet weather.

What style of music do you play in your upbeat evening sets.

Anything and everything!!  I usually start with the 60’s as i find thats a good judge to test the audience. From there a couple of well know classics for the older generation to sing and dance to.  Add a bit of Blues Brothers, maybe Salsa for the strictly fans, back to modern day with a bit of Kings of leon?  I have hundreds of songs to choose from,,,,,,who knows!!!

How far will you travel?

I have travelled to gigs all over the world! I currently live in Rochester (Kent). Please contact me.

We already booked a D.J but want something a little more engaging for our guests…..

I have warmed the crowd up before the D.J many times.  Ideally it would save a lot of hassle if i could play through their equipment.  I will need their contact details to ask what equipment they use and whether it would be possible to borrow for an hour or so. To date, i am yet to be turned down by a D.J.  

Do you need a stage.

No, to be honest i prefer not to use a stage as i like to mingle in between the crowd!

How many weddings have you performed at?

To be honest, i have lost count.

To get to the venue there are two flights of stairs!

Thats ok, i could do with a work out! However it does take me an hour to setup and sound check so PLEASE TELL ME of any obstacles or access problems.

We have a list of songs we would like you to play.

I will try my best to fit them in. Please remember i’m not a D.J !

Could you play our first dance?

I would love to.  let me know before hand as if i don’t know the song i will need to learn it.  In the rare occasion of not being able to find a backing track or if its too high, I could figure out an acoustic arrangement. Alternatively, play a recording.

How long does it take you to setup?

About an hour depending on access.

If timings run over, would you charge us more.

Most weddings never run to time. I am very flexible as long as i don't need to book a hotel room.

My Aunt Sally would love to sing a song, would that be possible?

If the song is not on my list, please let me know in advanced so i can download it for her. However, be aware that i use very expensive equipment and please don't be offended if i refuse her at the last minute. 

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